Once a day British Airways operate a Boeing 777 on their London Heathrow to Madrid service. This flight is generally the 7.20 am service, and the main reason for using this aircraft on this route is to transport cargo between London and Madrid. The upside is that if you’re travelling in Club Europe you actually get a Club World flat bed seat. As I was booking a trip to Spain this summer I decided I would fly British Airways Club Europe to Madrid on this particular service, for this added bonus.

British Airways Club Europe to Madrid

British Airways Club Europe to Madrid


I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 5 am and there was no queue at check in or security, so I was airside in less than 5 minutes. Because my flight was departing so early I decided to stay at an airport hotel the night before. I actually booked the new Premier Inn at Terminal 4 at a cost of only £29 for the night. It’s been many years since I last stayed in a Premier Inn, and I was nicely surprised by this one. The only downside is that the tube and Heathrow express do not start services as early as I needed, so I had to take a taxi from T4 to T5.


As this service is operated by a 777 there is a 99% chance that it will depart from either Satelite B or C, so I headed over to B Satelite straight away and headed to the British Airways Galleries Lounge located in the B Satelite. This lounge is much smaller than the two Galleries Lounges in the main terminal, but I much prefer this one as it’s always much quieter. The satelite lounge has the same facilities as the main lounges, and the obligatory BA bacon rolls were available in abundance. I enjoyed a couple of these with a gin and orange before boarding.

British Airways Club Europe to Madrid


Boarding started about 35 minutes before departure and I boarded first when Club boarding was called. As this is a British Airways Club Europe service you do not get a pre-flight drink like you would in Club World.

The Seat

As this service is operated by a 777 you will have a Club World flat bed seat. To read more on the Club World seat and cabin check out my review from my flight to Hong Kong on British Airways Club World


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Food and drink

During the flight the standard British Airways Club Europe breakfast and drinks were served. However, rather than the miniature bottles of champagne which you usually have in Club Europe, it was freely poured from a standard sized bottle which was a nice touch.

British Airways Club Europe to Madrid


Due to this being a British Airways Club Europe service there was unfortunately no onboard entertainment. Given that the entertainment system is available I can’t see why they don’t let customers use it?


There was more than enough overhead bin storage as there were only about 20 people in the Club cabin, which can accommodate 48 in total, so I had a whole overhead bin to myself.

Amenities and Onboard Perks

Again as this was a British Airways Club Europe service there was no amenity bag and no onboard perks. However, i have heard that if you are a gold member and the flight is quite full, there is a possibility you may be invited to sit in the First Class cabin, but again with just Club Europe service.

Disembarking and Arrival

The flight arrived into Madrid Terminal 4S, but as the aircraft parked on a remote stand we had to go down the stairs and onto a bus. The Club cabin disembarked first, but due to the fact it was just onto a bus this made little difference. As the flight arrived at the satellite terminal you have to get the underground shuttle to the main terminal for passport control and for baggage reclaim. Baggage reclaim at Madrid is not the quickest and they don’t seem to take much notice of the priority tagged baggage.

British Airways Club Europe to Madrid


Club World does need some modernisation, in particular direct aisle access, but I believe that is in the pipeline. However for the space alone I wouldn’t hesitate to book onto this flight again for another trip to Madrid.


Oneof the images in this review iscourtesy of British Airways.



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