These are extremely turbulent times that we are all currently facing, regardless of where we are in the world. A pandemic known as COVID-19 has effected almost every part of this world, halting almost all air traffic, closing restaurants, hotels, any kind of leisure or social facility as well as all non essential shops and business, in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

Life During Lockdown

My Life During Lockdown!

I haven’t actively written any reviews of travel related experiences since this all came to light in late January, but I feel I would like to share some thoughts on my current situation as well as how I’m coping as we enter our third week of lockdown here in the UK.

Just over 6 weeks ago there were just a handful of COVID-19 cases in the UK and those infected were being placed in strict isolation to contain the virus. Nobody had any idea at that point that just a few weeks later the entire country would be in lockdown. 

Life During Lockdown

At the same time, just over 6 weeks ago, my partner of almost eleven years announced that he was leaving me, so my life from then on hasn’t been the easiest that’s for sure. There have been a lot of adjustments that I’ve been forced to make in my life, one of which is having to accept that I’ve lost my partner who shared my love for food and travel, and who accompanied me on many of my trips. 

Since my partner left I’ve been staying with some of my close family members who are helping and supporting me through this very traumatic time. I’m also very fortunate to be spending this lockdown with them so that in the absence of the rest of my amazing family and wonderful friends at least I’m not spending this time completely alone. 

I have never been more grateful than I am now for the fantastic countryside location where I live. It offers some of the most beautiful countryside and woodland right on my doorstep. In all the years I’ve lived in the area I couldn’t tell you the last time I walked anywhere from the house, but in these last few weeks I’ve been incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to take my one hour a day of exercise exploring the beautiful woodland and countryside that are literally on my doorstep. 

During my daily walk I like to just stop and stand quite still in the middle of the woods. Breathing slowly I listen. All I can hear are the sounds of nature… Birdsong and the wind playing with the leaves. The roads are silent – no cars rushing by. The skies are silenced too – no roar of jet engines from aircraft approaching Gatwick Airport. I am alone with the birds and the trees, immersed in nature. I feel rebalanced, energised and also at peace. 

I do hope that this whole situation is over as quickly as possible with minimal loss of life, and that I can start writing about the fabulous destinations which I have planned to visit in the future. However, for now I hope that you can find a place of calm and peace and I wish that you all stay safe and well. Wherever you are we will get through this together, united, as one. 


  1. Well said Will.
    This is a time of many mixed emotions some sad, some thankful, but we can now hopefully all reflect on our lives and hopefully come out of this as better people thankful for what we have.
    Hope you recover from this terrible time and get out there and expore some more of the beautiful places waiting put there. I look forward to some great.blogs I the future.
    Take care my love. X

  2. How gracious you are in what must be a truly awful time for you. This time too will pass, much love Fran xx

  3. A most cathartic post and reminder that we should all value what we have.

    We often overlook that which is right on our door step, be it countryside or seaside, and you clearly have some wonderful countryside on your doorstep.

    I’m lucky enough to have fields with sheep and horses within 5 metres of my lounge window, the Downs within a mile and the sea less than a mile away. I confess I haven’t visited any of these local “attractions” in years! This pandemic is a stark reminder that I should.

    Do you have much local wildlife? I often have pheasants and slow worms in my front garden and badgers and bats in the field.

    Here’s to new beginnings.

    • Many thanks for your kind comments Craig!

      Yes we do tend to over look what is right on our doorstep and you are totally right – we should be using this time to rediscover what we have right where we live and enjoy it!

      Yes there is an abundance of wildlife around here, many fields full of sheep, many also with newly born lambs! The forest is full of birds and we even have a pair of buzzards nesting close by and often see them overhead!

      Indeed – to new beginnings!

  4. Lovely blog.
    Great photos.
    Bet loads of people stuck in would love to see those beautiful views. I am lucky I live near the coast so visit most says for a stroll. But would love to do a swap for some beautiful countryside. I am going to miss visiting the buebells this year. You are lucky.
    Keep the photos coming as I really look forward to them, probably as do many others.
    Stay safe WWW.

    • Many thanks Mags!

      I’m trying to post daily pictures of the countryside on my social media for everyone to enjoy!

      It is a shame you will miss the bluebells – they are fantastic this year!

      Thanks – you stay safe too!


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