For those of us in the UK, the clocks have now been turned back and the early nights are drawing in. I have had a great summer and visited some fantastic destinations, but I’m now looking forward to the cooler months, and all the wonderful winter escapes that I have planned.

Wonderful Winter Escapes

Here are some of the amazing destinations I’ll be visiting this winter. Where are you off to?

Wonderful Winter Escapes – Miami Beach, Key West & Orlando, USA

This will probably be my last glimpse of the sun for 2014. But in just two days time I’ll be enjoying 15 whole days’ in the sunshine state. Excited? – Oh yes! My trip will start with a visit to the famous theme parks in Orlando – this is for the big kid in me! Then I’ll move on to Key West to soak up the unique atmosphere and wonderful food, before finishing my trip exploring the Art Deco paradise of Miami Beach.

Wonderful Winter Escapes, Miami & Key West

Wonderful Winter Escapes – Basel, Switzerland

Winter isn’t complete without a visit to one of Europe’s Christmas markets. I have visited some beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Croatia, but this year I have chosen Basel. Located in the heart of the old town, Basel has the largest Christmas market in Switzerland, and many say it’s also the prettiest.

Wonderful Winter Escapes, Basel

Wonderful Winter Escapes – Bath, UK

With my love for Christmas markets, I thought why stop at one this year? I’ve heard that Bath has one of the best Christmas markets in the UK, so I’ve decided to visit for a couple of days just before Christmas. This will be my first visit to a Christmas market in the UK. Will it be as grand and magical as the continental ones?

Wonderful Winter Escapes, Bath

Wonderful Winter Escapes – Porto, Portugal

Within days of returning from my perfect city break in Lisbon, I had already planned another trip to Portugal, but this time to the stunning northern city of Porto. It’s located close to the Douro region, which is famous for its beautiful wines, and is the also the home of Port. I think I’m going to enjoy Porto and feel very much at home.

Wonderful Winter Escapes, Porto

Wonderful Winter Escapes – Budapest, Hungary

I visited Budapest a few years ago with friends, but after recently interacting with a gorgeous boutique hotel in the heart of Budapest, I couldn’t resist planning a return visit to this wonderful bohemian city. I experienced a lot on my first trip, but there are so many more things to see and do, and I can’t wait to return!

Wonderful Winter Escapes, Budapest

Have you visited any of these stunning destinations? Have you got any tips for me? I’d love to hear from you!

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