I booked my recent flights to Adelaide on Qatar Airways, which had a Munich departure because of a fantastic deal that I found online. As my flight on Qatar Airways was a mid-morning departure I chose to fly out to Munich the day before and I spent the night in an airport hotel. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to visit the Munich Christmas Market.

Munich Christmas Market by WorldWideWill

Getting to the Munich Christmas Market and Somewhere to Stay!

My flight to Munich was booked as a Club Europe reward flight on British Airways, which cost £35 plus 7,750 Avios per person. For my stay I booked the NH airport hotel via Hotels.com and paid around £75 per room per night. The NH hotel was located 2 miles from the main terminal, which meant I needed to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. This obviously added additional cost to the trip. Given the additional cost of the taxis it would have only have only cost an additional £25 per room to stay at the Hilton, which is located on site. There is a train station in the main terminal and this runs directly to central Munich in approximately 45 minutes. The train cost around €11.20pp for a day travel card, but this obviously meant another two taxi rides to the airport terminal and back again.

Munich Christmas Market by WorldWideWill

Munich Christmas Market Location

The Munich Christmas market was located on Marienplatz, as well as along some of the pedestrian shopping streets that lead towards Marienplatz. There were not as many stalls in the Munich Christmas market as there were in Brussels, but I found that stalls were more festively decorated in Munich. There also seemed to be far more food and drink stalls in Munich, offering everything from beers and Gluhwein to a huge selection of Wurst’s (sausages) and Kartoffelpuffer (fried potato cakes).

Munich Christmas Market by WorldWideWill

Because my incoming flight didn’t arrive until early afternoon, and by the time I had taken the luggage to the hotel and returned to the terminal, I didn’t end up arriving in the city until late afternoon. This meant I only had a few hours to explore the markets, which really wasn’t long enough to fully appreciate them. I will be adding Munich to my list of places that I intend to revisit in the future, perhaps next year during the festive season.




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