From beautiful cities packed full of culture to stunning countryside and impressive mountains, Austria has something to offer everyone.


Innsbruck Christmas Markets

With wonderful memories of the Christmas markets in Salzburg some years ago, I already had high expectations for Innsbruck. I was not disappointed. The markets in Innsbruck were just as traditional and Christmassy as...
Salzburg Christmas Market

Salzburg Christmas Market

This year I decided to visit two Christmas markets, one which I have visited before and also a brand new destination, Salzburg. Salzburg came highly recommended to me by a family member who had visited the Salzburg Christmas market a few years ago, and I thought a destination in the Alps would make a fantastic Christmas market location.
Vienna City Break by WorldWideWill

My Vienna City Break, Summer 2018

With its grand tree lined avenues with many lavish villas and palaces to the aromas of fresh coffee and pastries from the abundance of coffee shops and cafes, Vienna is a city that will stir up your senses in many ways.
Railjet Service from Budapest to Vienna

Railjet Service from Budapest to Vienna

When I planned my recent trip to Budapest and Vienna I had to decide how I was going to travel between the two cities and I decided that I would take the train.

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