The next three months are going to be an exciting time for me. I have five city breaks planned over the next three months, I will be returning to a couple of my favourite European cities which I have visited over the past couple of years. I also plan to visit a few places for the very first time.

Here Are My Next Five City Breaks Which I Have Planned

And some of the things I plan to do…

Bergen, Norway

The city of Bergen is located on the southwest coast of Norway, famous for its amazing fish market, and its quaint wooden harbour-side houses, which are all painted in different colours. I have visited Norway before, but this was only a brief stop in Oslo, so Bergen will be one of my brand new destinations to visit. I’m looking forward to sampling some delicious seafood and seeing some stunning views of the city and also the Fjords. I also can’t wait to explore this beautiful coastal city.

City Breaks Autumn 2016 Bergen by WorldWideWill

One of the main things I would like to do while I’m in Bergen is take a trip to see the Fjords. There is a 3-4 hour boat trip from Bergen which would provide some stunning views of the Fjords. The tour goes down Osterfjord, and there are some amazing views of the mountains which make up the banks of the fjords, the many picturesque waterfalls, and offers the possibility of seeing some marine wildlife.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, a small European country located between France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The country in general has a lot of French influence to the south, and Dutch influence to the north. Brussels itself is a very beautiful city, with little bits from all the surrounding countries. I visited Brussels a few years ago for a long weekend and loved it. The city has that wonderful continental charm which really draws you in. I just knew I had to return to Brussels again.

City Breaks Autumn 2016 Brussels by WorldWideWill

This year I have planned to visit Brussels with a group of friends to sample its Christmas markets. For anyone who has read my previous reviews, you will know I love nothing more than visit or two to a continental Christmas market during the festive season. After having a wonderful time in Brussels on my previous trip, I thought this would be a perfect time to return.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven is located in the southeast of the Netherlands, roughly a 90 minute drive from Amsterdam. I visited Amsterdam about ten years ago on a day trip with friends, and I would like to go back one day. I was actually looking at flights to Amsterdam when I came across some crazily cheap flights to Eindhoven. I’ve not heard of anyone who has been on a city break to Eindhoven, so I thought I would give it ago and see what the city has to offer.

City Breaks Autumn 2016 Eindhoven by WorldWideWill

Eindhoven is a city packed full of art and culture, not to mention the home of most Dutch design and designers. The city has bid to be the 2018 European Capital of Culture, I’m sure if Eindhoven were to win, this would really put Eindhoven on the tourist map. So I’m looking forward to visiting before the possible tourism boom.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another European city that I have visited in recent years and have wanted to pay a return visit. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and is located on the banks of the serene Vltava River. Known as the historical capital of Bohemia, Prague’s old town is full of stunning gothic churches and colourful baroque buildings. I discovered loads of great places on my previous trip to Prague, and on my upcoming trip I plan to discover many more.

City Breaks Autumn 2016 Cesky Krumlov by WorldWideWill

One thing I have planned to do during my next trip to Prague is to take a train trip three hours south to a small town near the border with Austria, called Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov has been the setting for many films in the past, and I first saw this destination in a horror film. However, scrolling through images online, all I can see is a beautiful Czech town, surrounded by stunning landscape, just waiting to be explored.

Wroclaw, Poland

Poland is a country that I have wanted to visit for a long time, but have never had the chance to. There are many cities in Poland I would like to visit, such as Gdansk, Kraków and Warsaw. But for my first of hopefully many city breaks to Poland, I have planned a visit to Wroclaw.

Wroclaw is beautiful city located in the south of the country, with a stunning market square surrounded by intricately decorated colourful buildings. I have been advised that the city centre is quite similar to Kraków, however just a bit smaller. I’m eager to explore Wroclaw, and hopefully Kraków too in the not too distant future.

City Breaks Autumn 2016 Wroclaw by WorldWideWill

Following each of my above planned city breaks I’m going to do more than just review each place, I’m going to suggest recommendations for a perfect city break and rate each place on a number of different factors. Keep an eye out for these reviews over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration for exciting city breaks to some great European destinations, in some lesser known, but beautiful cities.


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