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Tailor Made Holidays

For a small one-off fee WorldWideWill will create tailor made holidays to suit your exact requirements. Fees start at £35 and for this you will receive three options for your desired tailor made holiday.

Many holiday companies are only interested in selling you the holidays which will pocket them the largest commissions, which they receive from the range of companies that create the holiday package. WorldWideWill has a different approach. By just charging a one-off fee for his services WorldWideWill is able to source you the best deals available for your next holiday. In essence, I am the middle-man, that cuts out the greedy middle-men of the travel world!

Our basic Tailor Made Holidays options start at £35 and for this you will be provided with three bespoke holidays (Accommodation and Flights) to your chosen holiday destination, or destinations if you don’t wish to specify one, or would like Will’s recommendation.

We also have a range of up-charges available, such as additional options for your search, multi-centre holidays searches, airport transfers, parking and also travel insurance

Information Which We Need From You!

When placing an order for our tailor made holidays, please let us know the following information:

  • Departure airport (Either an exact airport, or any within a given distance from your home location)
  • Travel dates – do you have any leniency or are they set dates
  • Type of holiday – Beach, Luxury, All-Inclusive, Adventure etc
  • Any particular destination or anywhere to avoid
  • Duration
  • Airline Preference
  • Direct flights or stops allowed

Please make all these points in the notes section on check out.

Confused by the thousands of holiday package out there? Or not sure what type of holiday you are looking for? Or maybe you don’t have time search for a deal or visit a travel agent. If this is the dilemma you are facing then WorldWideWill can help. For just a small one off fee, we will do all the hard work for you. Let us take away all the stress from planning your next exciting escape, giving you peace of mind to carry on with your day to day life. So sit back, relax, and let us create your dream holiday.

WorldWideWill is an expert in the travel field, and can provide you with an exclusive first class service. Whether it is a last minute escape, luxury all-inclusive exotic beach paradise, or a stylish city break. From flight only, to full holiday searches. Contact us today about our package holiday search facility and we will send you our bespoke recommendations. All our recommendations will be matched to your budget, and based on your specifications. Easy.

For all flights and hotel accommodation we only recommend ATOL protected companies, for your peace of mind. Please be aware that the prices quoted by WorldWideWill are subject to change, without notice by the companies which are responsible for the deals offered. WorldWideWill will not be held responsible in any way for these price changes, or if a deal should no longer be available.

Additional information

Twin Centre Holiday

Just the one destination, Two destinations £15

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers – No, Airport Transfers – Yes £5

Airport Parking

Airport Parking – No, Airport Parking – Yes £5

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance – No, Travel Insurance – Yes £5


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